Welding Equipment


Complete solution for MIG/MAG welding of valves for automatic build-up welding or circumferential welding of bores, circular, and conical surfaces DN 1¼″–40″ (30–1000 mm ).

The machine’s housing is characterized by low weight and high stability. The machine spindle, drive motor, and manual operating elements for the z- and x-axis are installed in the housing.

The machine spindle is mounted on anti-friction bearings, which guarantees radial run-out and axial run-out free from play. As a result, it is possible to weld clad even large diameters without vibration problems.

The rotary transmission leadthrough for shielding gas, current, cooling water and wire is located at the upper end of the spindle and are shape-coded for clear identification. The angle head is also equipped with shape-coded connections. The slide (x axis) performs a feed rate per revolution and can be pivoted from 0° to 90° so that conical surfaces can be weld clad.

The CW-1000 is equipped with automatic feed and has integrated water cooling.

Drive: electric 230/120 V, 50/60 Hz



TypeCW 1000
Axial stroke6.89″
Radial stroke3.54″
Axial feed /rev0.12″
Radial feed /rev
3mm / 3.8mm / 4.6mm
Speed range0.1 – 5.0 rpm
Adjustment angleof head 0 – 90° (manually)