Stationary ball lapping machine, especially suitable for finishing the ball and metallic sealing seats of a ball valve so they fit together perfectly. The machine produces an exact surface shape between the lapped workpieces.

Lapping with freely selectable or predefined parameters is possible. Standard programs for automatic sequencing of the lapping process are preinstalled.

Enormous time saver compared to manual lapping.

Drive: electric 230/120 V, 50/60 Hz and pneumatic 6-7 bar


DN-range1¼″ – 8″
32 – 200mm
1¼″ – 8″
32 – 200mm
Ball-Ø2″ – 11.8″
50 – 300mm
2″ – 11.8″
50 – 300mm
max. weight of the ball: 100 kg100 kg
Manual lapping processes
Programmable, automated
lapping sequences
Ball lapping, complete
Ball lapping, sectional
Electronic storage of lapping
process by ball set
Access to electronically stored lapping
process by type set for very easy
duplication of exact lapping processes