CNC-controlled vertical lathes for manufacturing or machining end faces, cylindrical surfaces, tapers, radii and grooves.

The optimum solution for complete machining and general overhauling of valves, PDM machines are especially suited for facing and axial machining of valve housings (like in gate valves, check valves, etc.), pumps, and similar rotational symmetric parts. Machining applications include facing, punching, and longitudinal, taper, and radius turning.

This CNC-controlled machine has a precision tilt table (±12°, accuracy ±10“) and has been designed for machining valves in a more efficient way. The two-column gantry design improves the rigidity of the machine, and the flexible design means that the EFCO PDM can also be used for other machining tasks.

The PDM is equipped with programs and cycles to meet the special requirements of turning operations and is focused on usability and universal application. In-depth programming skills are not necessary for these types of applications.

With the PDM Series, we offer installation, commissioning, and initial training provided by EFCO technicians.

Drive: electric 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz


Machining Ø3.2″ – 23.6″
80 – 600mm
Machining height26″
Precision tilting table23.6″ x 23.6″
600mm x 600mm